Over half a century of combined years of experience in the collections, revenue cycle, denial management, audit management, data collection, processing and analysis.

We have vast experience in the health care field, including Hospital, Physician Practices, Pharmacy, IT, and Insurance experience -- across a wide and varied spectrum of service and performance areas.

Some of our current and past clients include: Methodist Healthcare in Indianapolis, The University of Chicago Practice Plan, Mt Sinai Medical Group, Mt. Sinai Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Healthcare of Northern Kentucky, Deaconess Health Systems, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Health Business Solutions, Aequitas Capital Management - CarePayment, Heller Healthcare, Patient First Physicians, Bottom Line Systems, Cardinal Health, BCBS, Spectrum Health, and many others.

One outcome of our work was being responsible for increasing cash for a 250 person Chicago physician group by 350% in 4 years and completing a reinstall of their Meditech computer system.

In addition to our business acumen, we have extensive IT application design and interface expertise. One project resulted in the design and development of a manufacturing EDI system allowing for tracking, monitoring of inventory, advance ship notification, and just-in-time methodologies. We have designed and programmed a number of applications to track and analyze the revenue cycle and denial management process. We have personally assisted a number of hospitals and large physician groups in the implementation of their Financial/Billing/Collection applications, and are well versed in many of the commercially available applications on the market today.