Cleo AuditSupport and tracking of all moving parts=no more missed deadlines

Who does it serve?

Hospitals, Integrated Delivery Systems, Physicians, Hospice, Community Health, Pharmacy, PBM/HUB, Payors and Service Bureaus.

Anyone that is facing the increased likelihood of undergoing a RAC, PIP, MIP or QC audit.

What does it include?

Seamlessly interface with reporting organizations and with internal systems. Catered to: Internal HIM Medicare (RAC, MIPs, Pre, etc.), Medicaid (RAC, QC, MIPs, Pre, Commercial Payor Audits).

Cleo Audit Solution

Take charge of the audit process to mitigate the risk of losing legitimate earnings.

  • All payors are taking aggressive steps to enforce evidence-based coverage policies.
  • Given the complex process for appeals and stringent penalty clauses, healthcare providers should prepare themselves to handle the entire gamut of audits, not just RAC, from a position of strength and confidence.
  • Cleo Audit is an integrated solution for meeting the challenges of all audits - from fulfilling initial information and record requests, to timely submissions, determinations and appeals.
  • Access to detailed information is easy and quick with the ability to track all key tasks, information flows and critical dates.
  • Departments can collaborate under a common framework and approach for regulatory compliance and risk management.
  • Advanced capabilities include: status tracking and reporting, integrated document management, remediation action workflows and auto generation of letters, allowing organizations to implement industry best practices for regular self-assessments and internal audits.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities show trends based on a wide range of variables, including type of service or service area, the provider associated with the service being audited, and diagnosis codes.
  • Hospital management can focus its efforts on the areas that need attention based on their compliance status with Medicare regulations guidelines.
  • Cleo Audit supports all types of Medicare and Medicaid related medical claims audits including MIC, PSC, CERT, MFCU and others using configurable workflows and templates.