Cleo Suite© Revenue Cycle Solutions A powerful business-intelligent product which manages complex claims.

Who does it serve?

Hospitals, Integrated Delivery Systems, Physicians, Hospice, Community Health, Pharmacy, PBM/HUB, Payors, and Service Bureaus.

What does it include?

A highly customizable framework with Cleo Suite© modules for the management of Denials, Complex Claims, Audits, Cases, Contracts, Payment Variance, and revenue vendor management.

Cleopatra Remediation & Denial – “Queen of Denial” Resolves denied and underpaid claims and tracks underlying causes

Cleopatra increases collections and minimizes risks while tracking the performance of employees, vendors, payors and contracts. Cleopatra is able to streamline workflow and identify revenue at risk.

Cleopatra utlizies all ANSI/NCPDP transaction sets, automated eligibility checks, and automated Authorized & Claim Status.